Wilderness Survival Kit

Mental Survival Kit

Is there anything more to a regular Wilderness Survival Kit? I think there is and it is not necessarily in a backpack; it is in your mental survival kit. Many guides and articles exist on the subject of wilderness survival. A lot of them are great and are a must read for everyone. However, today I came across an interesting information and I wanted to share with you here at SurvivalKit. From what I understand, this article comes from the U.S. Army Survival Manual, and is based entirely on the word “SURVIVAL”. What I find the most interesting is the fact that all of the letters in this word can help you in your actions in any emergency situation. When you find yourself in an emergency or a survival situation, all you need to remember is the word “SURVIVAL” and all the letters in that word. Each letter in the word represents an actionable meaning within the context of survival.
S – Size Up the Situation
U – Use All Your Senses, Undue Haste Makes Waste
R – Remember Where You Are
V – Vanquish Fear and Panic
I – Improvise
V – Value Living
A – Act Like the Natives
L– Live by Your Wits, But for Now, Learn Basic Skills


Add this to your “Mental Survival Kit” and treat this information as important as you treat your wilderness survival kit.

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