Must have Gear in your Bug Out Bag

Ultimate Bug Out KitFor anyone considering to build their first Bug Out Bag or  Bug Out Kit, this could seem like an intimidating task.  It’s hard to know where to begin because there are so many different opinions on what to include and what not to include in your kit, but if you just cover the basics for survival, you can hold an advantage over 99% of the people out there.  As a matter of fact, if you become an owner of a basic bug out kit or an ultimate bug out kit, we believe that you will be steps ahead of the game (we just recommend that you add a gun to the kit).

A Bug Out Bag or Bug Out Kit (also called a BOB, BOK, 3 Day Kit or 72 Hour Kit) is usually designed to aid you in getting out of an emergency situation and gives you the tools to survive for up to 3 days until help arrives.  Many people may choose to customize a Bug Out Kit to sustain them for longer than the 3 days, but it is important to keep in mind that you can only carry so much on your back  so for starters, 3 days should be a good target.

The following lists the basic types of gear you will need for your Bug Out Bag or Bug Out Kit:

1. Water

The standard water requirement is 1 gallon of water per person per day; ½ gallon just for drinking.  That’s 3 gallons for 72 hours and 25 pounds of dead weight making it unfeasible to carry.  Instead you should carry 2 liters of water and the means to make more. These could be water purification tablets or water purification bottles.  Whatever you do, water should be a top priority and not forg0tten!

2. Food

In a 3 Day Bug Out Bag Backpack Compressed ration bars are economic in terms of price, calories, weight and space.

Three days worth of food is compressed into a package the size of a single box of granola bars.  These items carry a five year shelf life and can be stored in extreme temperatures.  You can also have MREs, complete, multi-course heated meals which have very high calories and a three year shelf life.

3. Clothes

The type of clothing you choose depends largely on the environment.  Be sure to plan for the weather in your area.

Important things to remember are:

When it’s cold do not use cotton since it loses all of its insulating properties as soon as it gets wet.  Instead use wool which retains ALL of its insulating properties when wet.  Also good selections are polyester and nylon which shed water and dry quickly.

Your Bug Out Bag clothing should contain:

A pair of sturdy boots or shoes, a pair of long non-jeans pants, 2 Shirts, a Bandana, 2 Pairs of synthetic fiber socks, 1 pair of heavy wool socks, and 2 Pairs of polyester or nylon underwear .  This list could go on forever but these are the most essential.

4. Shelter

If you plan on surviving for 72 hours, you will need protection from the elements (weather) and a dry place to sleep.

You need:

1. A Tent or Tarp 2. A ground Tarp for underneath your shelter to remain dry 3. Possibly a sleeping bag.

5. First Aid

This section of the bug out bag can quickly grow out of proportion, however you need a very good first aid kit with the following: Bandages for bleeding, band aids, cravats, tape, gloves, blanket, tweezers, triple antibiotic, and crazy glue for sealing lacerations. Medication: Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Benadryl, and Imodium.  Don’t forget to pack extra prescription medication if you need them.  Also make sure to keep a hard copy of your medical conditions in your kit.

6. Tools

This One is a huge category, however a must in every bug out kit.

You need: Lighters, waterproof matches, Notepad and writing utensils, Fishing gear in a tobacco tin, Razor blades, Duct tape, compass, spork, whistle, Zip ties, multi-tool, local map, paracord, Crank powered and battery back-up radio with weather channel, Tent stakes, LED light that clips onto hat brim, extra batteries.

7. Weapons

Being prepared to defend yourself is part of the Bug Out mindset therefore you should have a firearm of some sort and carry a sheath knife in your possession at all times.  Recommended are a handgun in your Bug Out Bag and a rifle or shotgun in your car or truck.  Also, make sure to have plenty of ammo and never skip this section because when all hell breaks loose, people will be doing crazy things!

8. Money

You should always have cash money, preferably small bills.  We also recommend that you have Gold and Silver coins in case actual currency becomes useless.

9. Critical Information.

Keep a thumb drive containing the following: home, auto and medical insurance; emergency phone numbers; birth certificates; latest W2s; family photos; photos of your house and its’ contents; auto titles and registration; record of mortgage; car and utility bill payments.  In addition to all of these items, we recommend hard copies as well so one can serve as a back up.

This should cover most of what you need for your Bug Out Bag.  Most of our Bug Out Kits and Bags contain a majority of these items. A lot of our customers choose our Ultimate Bug Out Kit, add a gun and only a few additional items relevant to their personal situation and location.

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