The Importance of A Hurricane Survival Kit

Many people fear that Hurricane Isaac has the potential of being just as disastrous as the infamous Hurricane Katrina, which struck New Orleans exactly seven years ago this week.  Currently, Isaac threatens the coasts of four states and the city of New Orleans is expected to have the heaviest rain.   With many people fearing the worst,  having a hurricane survival kit is the best way to protect you and your loved ones.


Preparing for a hurricane in advance is vital for survival.  With that said, having a hurricane survival kit is the best way of ensuring that you and your loved ones are protected.  An effective survival kit should contain the following items: water, food bars, blanket, flashlight, waterproof matches and a light stick, just to list a few.


In the event of an emergency,  authorities state that you are expected to protect yourself for about 72 hours without their assistance.  Ensuring that you have the proper survival gear will play a detrimental role in your survival.  Everyone should take the precautionary steps of creating a survival plan because natural and man made disasters can strike without warning, so why not be prepared for it?

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