How To Turn A Light Bulb Into A Flashlight When The Power Is Out


The power always seems to go out when you least expect it. And of course you’re right in the middle of making dinner, watching tv, or doing some late night work on your computer when it happens. From there you’ll probably stumble around the house (like me) and look for some candles to light or attempt to find the flashlight in the place you swore it was, but now isn’t. Under normal circumstances this usually isn’t a big deal, albeit a slight inconvenience. But when disaster strikes in the form of an earthquake, tornado, or hurricane, the circumstances become a bit more challenging and dyer.

We just got these great Survival Light Bulbs in and they are perfect for any situation in which you lose power. The best thing is, unlike a flashlight or candle that sits around and doesn’t get used, the Survival Light Bulb can be used as any normal bulb and repurposed as a flashlight or emergency lighting when the situation calls for it. The bulb is LED and has a 40,000 hour rating, which means you’re going to save over the long run versus a traditional candescent.
Check out this video on how it works:



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