How To Protect Against A Bear Attack [Video]

A 12 year old girl was recently attacked by a black bear and told her story on Fox & Friends. Taking the advice she learned from one of her favorite disney shows, Abby Wetherell, played dead.  “Although this goes against conventional wisdom” said outdoorsman Steven Rinella  “it worked for the girl.” Steve Rinella, host of the Sportmen Channel’s “Meateater”, shared his tips on how to ward off a bear


So what should you do in a bear attack?

1. Look big – Make yourself appear large by extending your arms out in a waving fashion
2. Be assertive with your voice and demeanor – make a lot of noise
3. Do not run – Running can trigger a predatory response by the bear
4. Carry and use pepper spray  – It’s more effective than a firearm and it’s easy to use



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