Government Services Become Less and Less Available

Government Budget Cuts Affect ServicesMunicipal and service budget cuts across the country are limiting the amount of resources that are available to handle anything from downed power lines to police and fire protection. This is just one of many symptoms of the economic woes that we are all facing, and it seems that things are going to get a heck of a lot worse before they can get better. Responses to calls for service will take longer, less resources will be available and many of us will need to rely on our own skills and resources to handle many problems that were once easily managed by someone else. This can be as insignificant as fixing a small water main leak to dealing with a transformer or house fire.
Crime is on the rise, food and transportation costs are spiraling out of control while government safety nets are disappearing. We are facing one of the most dangerous and unpredictable times in our nation’s history, and more people are at risk of falling in to societal chaos than ever before. As the government limits our civil rights, takes away our right to own guns, and has the ability to monitor our every move, some people are wondering if this economic crisis is just an excuse by the government to control and dictate our lives.

No matter what people think of the government, basic services are not as basic as they once were. Frequent power outages, infrastructure failures and a lack of resources to address these problems are placing everyone in danger. Food supply disruptions are starting to happen, drought and floods are impacting crops and the dollar’s value is sliding at an unprecedented rate. We are paying more for less, and few of us have any extra resources that may be necessary if we need to go through an extended period of time without these basic essentials.
As services become less and less available, and the population becomes more frustrated, burdened, angry and confused, those who have a plan and a way to survive are at risk of becoming targets themselves. If you have a home that is bought and paid for, enough supplies to last through a food, power or gas shortage, chances are that someone with less than you would stop at nothing to get their hands on what you have. Police services are increasingly being limited to life and death emergencies, and many are being forced to defend their property and lives on their own.
This is a grim picture of society, but it is one that is being painted as we speak. Many believe the only way to truly escape this downward spiral is to get off of the grid and somehow find a way to become self-sufficient. As banks weaken, stocks remain unpredictable and government spending continues to spiral out of control, the system is breaking, and it is taking the population down with it. Whether we end up being under the long arm of military control thanks to martial law, or our cities turn in to jungles where street thugs and opportunistic criminal gangs rule neighborhoods that were once safe and well protected, survival is taking on new meaning.
You need to have a plan and be prepared for the impending financial doom and its consequences, otherwise you are positioning yourself to become just another victim. Your assets, resources, possessions and personal safety are in danger, and the only way to secure your future may be to take off and start a new life elsewhere. What would you need to do in order to bug out and move to an area that is safe, secure and productive? What skills will you need to acquire in order to be able to take care of yourself and your family because regular services are not available?
How do you transition from being in a working or middle class neighborhood to living a nomadic lifestyle where every day is a struggle just to make ends meet and feed and protect your loved ones? This is something that is happening today, and there is a good chance that you have already began to feel the pinch. You need to take more ownership of your life and learn how to take care of yourself. Whether using a skill that is in demand or selling off your toys and unnecessary possessions in order to use that money to build an escape scenario and refugee location, you need to take action before it’s too late. A survival kit is only part of the bigger picture of what you need to accomplish in order to secure your future, because as services continue to disappear, society will continue to become more out of control. Be smart, get ready and prepare to live a new life by learning and obtaining the tools and skills that will give you options instead of going down with the masses.

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