Bug-Out-Kit (BOK)

When disaster strikes or when something causes mass hysteria, you will want to get out of town quickly following a well prepared plan. You want to leave with sufficient supplies in case it’ll be a while before you can return home. This article is a guide to ensure you and your family are safe during an emergency situation.

Many of us living in big cities are beginning to wake up to the possibility of some event taking place that may affect things such that you need to leave in a hurry. With the many events taking place and shaping up in the world these days, getting out of town is something to take very seriously. Widespread disorder with pending martial law, or nuclear, biological events are just some of the things that would require you to flee immediately.

Don’t fixate on danger, just take steps to be prepared; it is called peace-of-mind! Makes you sleep good at night. Another name for peace-of-mind is an emergency kit, or, as it has become known, the bug-out-kit (BOK). Get one and keep it handy and then you will not have to be in a panic when everyone else is! When others are just beginning to have the light bulb go on over their heads that something is wrong, you want to be two steps ahead and already making your move out of town with your family. This is important to avoid the traffic jams that will form after everyone decides to head out. Plan on being gone before this.

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