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A 25¢ Water Filter

Posted on Tuesday, February 25, 2014 by in Survival News, Survival Tips, Videos |

We all know that water is the key to life and without it our days are literally numbered. Having a way to filter water to get it to the point to boil can mean the difference between life and death. There are many cost effective ways to filter water and many expensive  solutions.


Today we wanted to not only have you learn how to build a water filter but also learn how to build one for about 25 cents!!


The video below not only gives you the basics but helps your quarter go a long way towards life saving clean water….. Enjoy



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3 Responses to A 25¢ Water Filter

  1. Robert Peck says:

    Very well done video and the concept is good as well, a job well done.

  2. I’m at the age now that, where its hard to get going at 75yrs. but thru the yrs. of watching these shows and listing to water purification system. and a few people told the cheap one as well has a high high dollar doesn’t work all that great. Of course I never bought one to know for sure,and really how can you trust this little tube of filters to do the job. and for how long? Or even if kept for a few yrs is really still functional of a period of time. and for me any more I can’t afford those high dollar ones any way. so for a broke down geyser but still can move about. Whats the normal or average for me to have and use, for the wife and I.

    thanks, john (something of an ole fart)

    • Frank D says:

      Hey John,

      Absolute minimum water storage per person is 1 gallon a day. That is for consumption only. When one figures in other uses like bathing, cooking, washing clothes, etc. the recommendation is 2.5 gallons a day…
      I find it useful to store water in a tier system…
      -30 days of bottled water
      -water storage in 55 gallon food grade barrels that is stabilized for long term storage
      -Rain barrels
      -Well with manual pump if funds allow
      -Local ponds, streams etc.
      As for filtration a tier system is also useful…the best option is to use a water distiller that uses wood, propane camp stoves, grills, etc to boil/distill water. There probably will be no power in an emergency situation. Distilling water gets about everything out of the water that can make one sick…including viruses, VOCs, other chemicals, etc. As long as the boiling point of the substance is higher than water those chemicals will be left behind in the boiling pot…
      Stored and bottled water we don’t have to worry about…
      As for filters most will remove parasites, bacteria, etc. but not viruses…
      So any questionable water should be filtered and boiled to kill viruses also…filters that remove viruses have .2 micron pores in the filter cartridges and are more expensive…less expensive filters that remove bacteria, parasites, etc. have .3 micron pores and larger…
      Ceramic filters with charcoal do a good job at removing most pathogens and chemicals and improve taste…
      The use of an UV light is also effective at killing pathogens…so filter the water then use an UV light….
      If water is questionable I will always distill it because I will know the water will be pure…
      If I am in a situation where I can’t use my distiller I will filter with either a gravity filter or “pocket” filter, use my UV light and for added insurance use some plain Clorox or water purification tablets to ensure that the water is pure…..see available charts on the internet for the number of drops of Clorox to use…
      As for the water used to bath, wash clothes/dishes this is called “gray” water and can be used to water a garden.
      Hope this helps…

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