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The Dakota Fire Hole…..

There are various strategies and concepts when it comes to building a fire, but if your in a situation where you want to keep a low profile and not stand out or don’t have a decent fuel supply for a fire, the Dakota Fire Hole could be your solution. Although building a Dakota Fire Hole is not quite as simple as it seems, once you learn, it is a good go to in certain situations. When fuel is low or danger is present, this strategy is something worth knowing about.
So, a Dakota Fire Hole if built correctly will allow you to maximize the fuel around you as it burns wood much more efficiently than a normal camp fire. Having a better burn rate also minimizes the amount of wood that needs to power your fire which in turn produces less smoke and lessens your visibility to others.
We think that taking the time to practice building a Dakota Fire Hole is very worthwhile and the video below does an excellent (All be it looks like he’s in his back yard, lol) job of explaining the concepts and strategies in building this effective fire.
When our if you ever find yourself in a situation with little fuel or need to stay on the down low the Dakota Fire Hole can be a good solution. The last thing you need to do is get a spark down in that hole. This Fire Striker from will do the job just fine. Get it while it’s hot and free by click the picture below……
Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 11.19.21 AM