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How Much Food Storage Is Enough?

1798021_647069742019422_1311143485_nThis is a very difficult question to answer as there are so many different opinions. FEMA recommends that all Americans have a three day supply of food on hand at all times. The Mormon Church, whose followers have long been avid preparers say that their members should have a 2 year supply of food. So it seems like the answers are all over the board.
Here at we feel food is one of the cornerstones of survival, accompanied by air, water and shelter. When our many Facebook fans and customers pose this question to us we really advocate, “Just Get Started.”
Whether it’s a one day, two day, three day or a month supply, you need to get something and in the spirit of proactive preparedness you need to get it today. Procrastination of proper preparation is a killer long before any disaster strikes. We obviously advocate our world class survival kits, but let’s be honest, you can’t eat or drink a backpack 😉
Our friends over at Eat Tomorrow Foods have listened to us discuss with them the problems revolving customers budgets and the expense of long term food storage. They listened when we said, it’s great to talk to people with 1,2, and even 3 years of food storage but it’s horrible talking to someone with none. And they agree and understand that it is about helping you get started and get something rather than having nothing at all.
Having the proper food in the face of a disaster can be literally life changing. We’ve all seen and heard the stories of Middle Class Americans, “Dumpster Diving” after Hurricane Sandy just to try to put food on the table for themselves and their family. Our fellow Americans were left to fend for themselves amid an absolute disaster.
Eat Tomorrow has put together four very nice and inexpensive Emergency Food Supply Packages to help get the ball rolling and make sure you can provide when the time comes.
To answer the original question of, “How much food storage is enough?” is really impossible without knowing intimate details of your situation. But on the other hand, getting started with a one day to one month emergency food supply just got a lot easier.
1897027_644010495658680_1752956943_nGet started today, don’t procrastinate something that you are guaranteed to need. We really like Eat Tomorrow Foods motto…

Prepare Today And Eat Tomorrow.

Click Here for more information on Eat Tomorrows Emergency 24, 48, & 72 hour Food Supplies. fully endorses Eat Tomorrow Foods (100% GMO FREE & 25 YEAR SHELF LIFE)

8 Uses For Vodka For Medical Purposes

Caveat: There have been no studies that I know of on vodka as a medical supply. While rubbing alcohol is a known disinfectant, it has a higher alcohol content than vodka, so We  can’t be absolutely certain this liquor—or any liquor—will work in the same way. These ideas are for if you don’t have a better, more proven option. Besides, they’re more fun!
Washing your hands. I’d rinse with bottled water afterwards if I wasn’t running low, to make sure the vodka didn’t irritate my hands. Since vodka may dry your skin out, use a little moisturizer after washing if you have it.
Preventing a sore-throat infection. Gargle for 30 seconds or so once a day during a short trip. Maybe dilute half-and-half with bottled water. (Some mouthwashes are 20 percent alcohol). Now don’t be tempted to drink. A small study in Japan showed that people who gargled with tap water daily had fewer sore-throat infections than those who didn’t. The researchers speculated this was was because of the chlorine. Chlorine, alcohol, we’re roughing it here, but they both kill germs. Anything to keep down the odds of getting sick and having to run to the doctor. Sorry to disappoint you, but stop the 40 percent alcohol gargle after you get home. Some studies have suggested alcohol might cause oral cancer with long-term use.
Washing small cuts or bites. Bacterial infections can develop quickly and spoil your day. That’s why you’re supposed to clean a new cut with soap and drinkable water. To use vodka instead, I’d take an empty water bottle, fill it with about 2 ounces of vodka for every inch of the cut, stick a pinhole near the bottom of the bottle, and squeeze the vodka into the wound. This pressure cleaning method tends to get more germs out that just pouring the liquid on would. I’m sure you know this is going to sting, but that’s better than getting an infection. Afterwards, you could rinse the vodka off with a little clean water (or not), apply antibacterial ointment or honey (not on kids under 2) if you have any, and bandage.
Disinfecting a needle or safety pin. Before you start picking at something stuck in your skin or draining a blister (if it needs draining) you can soak the instrument in vodka for about 10 minutes. Better yet, hold the instrument tip under a match or lighter for a few seconds and wipe any char away with the vodka.
Drying out your ears. If you get water in your ear, you can put a couple of drops of vodka in it to dry out the moisture. Adding a couple of drops of vinegar helps make an acidic environment that bacteria don’t like. This might even help prevent or treat swimmer’s ear, but beware the alcohol might burn if the ear canal is raw.
Cleaning surfaces. Soak a clean cloth with vodka and clean your sink, cabinet, countertops, or doorknob.
Drying out cold sores. Dabbing on rubbing alcohol is an often-cited home remedy. If you don’t have any, you could try vodka.
Soothing a toothache. Try swishing a little around an aching tooth as a painkiller and disinfectant. Of course, this is a short-term fix. (And remember the oral cancer. OK, if you must, drink a little. Just remember it can aggravate jet lag, altitude sickness, and stomach problems, keep you awake, interact with medications, and make you do thing you regret. And if you have tendency not to stop at one, just plain forget this whole blame post.


OK, if you must, drink a little 😉 Just remember it can aggravate jet lag, altitude sickness, and stomach problems, keep you awake, interact with medications, and make you do thing you regret. And if you have tendency not to stop at one, just plain forget this post, LOL!


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Special Thanks to the Survival Doctor for this great information.