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Archive for November, 2013

Angry Survivors take to Streets with Guns in Philippines

After a deadly typhoon Haiyan left at least 10,000 dead, an almost complete breakdown of law and order has struck Tacloban city, Philippines.
Three days after Haiyan roared across a huge swathe of the central Philippines, there is still no word from tens of thousands of people living on the islands that bore the full brunt of the typhoon’s fury. Very little assistance had reached the city, residents reported. Some took food, water and consumer goods from abandoned shops, malls and homes. Aid convoys are being raided and shops stripped of everything remaining on their shelves by starving survivors, reports local media.
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Yves Rossy Flies Around Mount Fuji in a Homemade Jet Pack



There’s nothing like jumping out of a helicopter and taking off on your homemade jet pack. And that’s exactly what Yves Rossy has done. The swiss engineer recently flew around Mount Fuji’s volcano…nine times. Most impressively, Rossy’s jet pack can reach speeds of up 185 mph and only weighs 132 pounds.
Would you take a ride on this?