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Archive for November, 2013

Survival Vehicles For The Zombie Apocalypse


Have you given any thought to your escape plan for when..err, IF the Zombie Apocalypse occurs? Thanks to designer Donal O’Keeffe, you have a few choices to select from. Which ride would you go with?



Start A Fire Using A Coke Can

Being able to start a fire is one of the most essential skills one can have. Between power outages, camping, and flat out survival – there are many ways to start a fire. But unless you actually know how to start a fire from scratch, all the tinder in the world won’t make a difference. Yes, there’s matches, lighters, and flint and steel – but in an absolute emergency you may not have those things on you. Being able to use common garbage to ignite a flame therefore is immensely valuable.


Follow the steps on Prepared For That to use a common coke can or any aluminum can for that matter to start a fire.