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All States Endure Catastrophe’s But They Prepare Differently

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We’ve all been, or will be affected by storms that take over our cities and states and leave them ravished. shows that these storms can happen at any time or place and that you need to be prepared. Take a look at each state on the site and you’ll see we’ve all been through major events.


What will you need in order to survive a disaster that is specific to your area? What will you need to sustain yourself if a national or global catastrophe strikes? Are you prepared, stocked, experienced and ready to react in an appropriate, productive and efficient manner so you can save your life and protect your future? If not, then now is the time to start to think about how you will survive if disaster pays you a visit. Any good survival plan involves taking stock of the things that you will need to give you the necessary breathing room during the period of time the incident occurs to the time when life goes back to normal.

Making a list involves thinking things through and evaluating how you will react to various contingencies. This makes great practice as you mentally walk through various steps that you will need to take when the time comes to respond. Whether preparing for a hurricane or civil unrest, this process will help you to sow the seeds and develop a good plan that will become second-nature when the time comes to act. So, think about the incident itself, and imagine what you will do at that time.
Will you move to a basement that is stocked with supplies that will sustain you and your family for a long period of time? Will you jump in your car and go to a remote area that is free from other people and has plenty of natural cover? Will you simply run outside during an earthquake with enough basic items to make staying in a shelter for a few days bearable? As you prepare your disaster supply list, thinking about how, what, when and why you will deal with various potential scenarios. This will help you to envision what you will do as well as what you will need.
Are you in a place where it will be cold or hot? Do you think you will not have access to clean drinking water? What will you do if you become injured, sick or unable to move due to a broken ankle? Do you need camping equipment or indoor supplies? As you walk through each disaster option, consider what natural calamities are most common in your area. Plan accordingly, and make sure that you have the right supplies and resources for each option. The better prepared you are will help you to be better equipped when disaster strikes, but you need to have the right items with you.
Aside from being prepared, making a list and planning your strategy will help you to shop for the right things long before problems emerge. Learn the lessons from those who wait until the last minute to go to the store and get basic essentials like water, food and gas. You have the luxury of time if you plan ahead, and you also will be able to shop around to ensure that you get the right items for the right price. You can do research, find out what items are better than others and develop a customized bag of tricks that will make enduring a catastrophe a little bit easier.
Survival gear is abundant, and store after store after store offers a range of products from hunting and survival knives to band-aids. The more time and thought you give to your personal approach will help you to have more options. Options and choice is key, and making a list sooner than later puts you in control of what you will have available. It also helps you to avoid getting stuck with left-overs from what other people didn’t take. You can be perfectly prepared for any contingency by planning ahead, and you can avoid the last minute craziness that accompanies any crisis situation.
Once you have a plan, and are obtaining the necessary supplies, then you can start to think about other things like how you will stay in touch with loved ones, how you will get from place to place and what you will do once the crisis is over. The key to surviving any crisis is to be prepared, mentally, physically and materially. Only you can decide what you will need to do to get ready, and only you can make sure that you have the right tools and supplies and resources on hand.


Victims are either unfortunate enough to be at the wrong place at the wrong time, or they did not have the skills or the presence of mind to make good decisions during or after the event. If you are not killed because of the event, then you can give yourself every possible advantage by being prepared and smart. Start making a list now, and really concentrate on and imagine what you will need to do to escape the crisis and its aftermath.


Gen. Russel Honoré On Why You Need To Prepare [Audio]

Lt. General Russel Honoré,  the leader of “Task Force Katrina” that helped rebuild New Orleans following the devastating hurricane in 2005, joined Joe Madison, “The Black Eagle” on XM Radio this morning. Honoré discussed what steps should be taken to prepare for disasters like the deadly tornado that struck Oklahoma this week and how we can prevent epic losses in the future.