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Be Prepared With Your Neighbors

The Key To Survival Is Your Neighbors!

Survival KeyWhat is the key to survival?  Besides being well equipped with survival gear, research is now shining light on a new angle of preparedness.  Political Scientist Daniel Aldrich found in his research that ambulances, fire trucks and government aid are not the main source for survival.  This is because most emergency response takes too long and people die because they do not receive the help they so desperately need fast enough.  However, there is something even more powerful at dire times besides help from officials.  This type of help usually comes from your neighbors.  It is very crucial that people make personal ties with members of their community because they will lend a helping hand when you need it most.


In the 2004 tsunami of India, Aldrich found that those who survived and recovered the quickest were people who knew the greatest amount of individuals in their community.   It was not the ones who had the most money or power that succeeded in survival.  People who know others in their community well know exactly who to turn to for whatever it is that they need.  This is why it is so important to build good relationships with your neighbors.  You never know when you are going to need help from them.


In Japan, when the 1995 earthquake hit, neighbors who knew where their other neighbors were asleep were able to quickly dig through the rubble and get to them on time.  Neighbors helped save many lives before additional help arrived.  Japanese government sees the importance of community building and they even fund a block party on government money to promote this idea.


What are some things you can do to create a better relationship with your neighbors without government funding?  Be kind to your neighbors.  Make sure to invite them to children’s parties.  Offer baked goods, vegetables you grow in your garden or help around the yard when they need it.  You can always offer services that you provide professionally at a discounted rate.  Have small get-togethers whenever possible.  Join community clubs and invite your neighborhood people.  Don’t be afraid to talk to them.  You will be surprised at how much you can learn from them before disaster strikes.


Another good tip is to let your neighbors know about survival gear.  If you want to be a really generous neighbor, you can gift them a survival kit or a bug-out bag.  You want all your neighbors to be just as prepared as you are.  This way, when the time comes, you will know that their eye is not on your goods.


In this case we recommend that you get prepared by getting your neighbors prepared as well so that you can increase your chances of survival.



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Survival Kits, Emergency Kits & Bug out Bags

Many of you reading this article may not even own survival kits or some form of emergency kit needed in times of a sudden disaster. When Japan suffered a devastating earthquake in 2011 several towns and cities were left without fresh water, electricity and any way to keep warm. Thousands died after the tsunami that followed and not by drowning but by not having an emergency kit that would have kept them alive.

Ultimate Bug Out Kit

The hurricane that swept across the Gulf of Mexico and killed thousands in New Orleans left people fighting each other for fresh supplies of water and much needed emergency medication. Survival kits are essential in case of a disaster and a tragedy can happen anywhere in the world and at any time. An emergency could be due to a man-made or natural disasters like a volcanic eruption or even drought. The difference between life and death depends on whether you are prepared to have the necessary equipment on your person immediately after the disaster.

Bug out bags contains a range of essential goods that will keep you alive in the event of a travesty of nature or a life changing sudden event. In a bug out bag there will be enough food and water to keep you alive for 72 hours. This is the time span it would normally take before genuine emergency help is available to you. In the Hurricane Katrina disaster several people died after the storm had passed, a bug out bag may have saved the lives of many more that had needlessly perished.

Water is essential for washing, cooking and drinking. You will need at least five pints a day minimum to get through those first 72 hours. Survival food is naturally of the non-perishable variety. Water purification tablets help to turn contaminated water into drinkable liquid or water you can at least cook with. A bug out bag or survival kit should contain the the most essential items such as basic cooking supplies like a small pan to hold your food in while you cook it.

You may also need to start a fire, for cooking or to keep yourself warm. Rubbing two sticks together does not always work, so matches and rod lighters should be included in your kit for easy fire management. A survival kit can be the difference as to whether you live or die in the event of a disaster, so be prepared and bug out.